Book: The Life and Times of Joseph Stacy Murdock

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The Life and Times of Joseph Stacy Murdock             The Book

The Life and Times


Joseph Stacy Murdock


George A. Thompson

(Edited by Alan G. Humpherys)

This story of the life and times of Joseph Stacy Murdock was written during the 1970's by George A. Thompson. He spent many years compiling data and interviewing people to gather a picture of him. His compelling story is told in this 200+ page document, which contains many photographs of the people and places in Joseph's life.

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About the book

This book has been printed on 8 1/2 x 11 inch Acid-Free archival quality paper, and is hard bound with a sewn binding. This costs more, but will allow the book to last for years without deterioration.

Since I first started printing hardbound editions of this book, I have printed 1,204 copies.  This does not count the unknown number of copies made of the first edition. 

First Edition

This was actually a rough draft that George Thompson had put together to show a few people.  Those who saw it were so anxious to have it, that a first edition was created with a soft vinyl cover and sent out as-is, even though it was only a pre-publication draft.

Second Edition - 1987

I first came across a copy of this book while working at a BYU copy center in 1987. A customer brought it in to have a copy made and I recognized the name as one of my ancestors. The quality of the original was poor, and it was obviously a copy of a copy of a copy...  With their permission, I made a copy for myself, and this began my quest to publish this book in an improved format, and distribute it to as many people as possible.

I contacted George Thompson, who was working with Lynn Murdock to get the book published. With George Thompson's permission, I got the original photos he had used in that original edition and set to work to edit and typeset the document and publish it in hardbound form.

The main edits to the document were grammar and spelling fixes as well as moving it to the computer so it could be published with improved fonts, consistent footnotes, and an improved Index.  This also included and appendix of Family Group Records for all his marriages.

Third Edition - 2003

Demand for the book continued, so a third edition was developed. This third edition was re-typeset and additional grammar and spelling errors were corrected, including the spelling of Elizabeth Murdock's name. Additionally, the photos were moved from their own separate pages, to appropriate locations within the text. The Family Group records were also re-printed in a modern format, and contain updates and corrections as a result of new research and validation of sources. Also, all references were validated and made consistent, and a comprehensive Bibliography was included.

Two significant errors in the text have been corrected, the first being the addition of a 6th wife (Adeline Warner), who was married to Joseph in the Endowment House according to church records. The second correction involved the timing of the St. George temple experience. This happened in 1881, about 11 years after they had moved back to Heber City from the Muddy River Mission.

Two additional Appendices were added to this third edition. The first is a map indicating the location of property owned by Joseph Stacy Murdock and his family in Nauvoo. The second item is a transcription of an Autobiography written by Joseph Stacy Murdock. This had been referred to as "Journal, JSM" in the footnotes of previous editions. Because this was such a major source for this book, I have included it in its entirety, to allow readers to read of the experiences in Joseph's own words. 

Printing History

December 1987 - 2nd Edition - 200 copies

The first printing of this corrected second edition, which contained grammar and spelling fixes, as well as an enhanced index and Family Group Records of all of Joseph Stacy Murdock's marriages.

December 1988 -  2nd Edition - 2nd Printing - 200 copies

September 1998 - 2nd Edition - 3rd Printing - 250 copies

This contained the addition of a Reader's Theater adaptation as a new appendix.

August 2003 - 3rd Edition - 200 copies

Newly typeset with improved photo placement.  In addition to the original story of Joseph Stacy Murdock by George Thompson, this third edition contains:

- Family Group Records of all Joseph's marriages.

- Map to Family Property in Nauvoo.

- Transcription of his Autobiography.

- A Reader's Theater adaptation of his story.

- Over 40 Photos

- Bibliography

- Index

December 2009 - 3rd Edition - 2nd Printing - 250 copies

This printing contains fixes for the birth year of Sally Stacy Murdock correcting the error that she was 10 years younger than previously indicated.

November 2010 - 3rd Edition - 3rd Printing - 54 copies

August 2011 - 3rd Edition - 4th Printing - 50 copies

August 2013 - 3rd Edition - 5th Printing - 1000 copies (Thanks to the generous help of George & Mimi Murdock)


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